Julian Allwood

Dr. Julian Allwood

Reader in Engineering at the University of Cambridge

Steel and Cement Junkies: we’re hooked, what can we do?

About Dr. Julian Allwood

Dr. Julian Allwood is a Reader in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He worked for 10 years for Alcoa, and in parallel with developing new flexible manufacturing technologies for shaping metals, has built up a research group looking at environmental systems. From 2009-13 he has been funded by an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship, to explore ‘material efficiency’ – delivering material services with less new material. This led to publication in 2012 of the book “Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open” which can be read online at www.withbotheyesopen.com. In 2013 he became Director of the UK INDEMAND Centre, one of six national centres looking at energy demand reduction in the UK, with a focus on industry. He also leads the inter-disciplinary BP-funded Foreseer program looking at future resource stress, the NERC funded Hosana project looking at mitigating mineral criticality, the EPSRC funded Precision Guided Flexible Forming project on new metal forming technologies, and is a co-leader of the EPSRC funded WholeSEM project creating a national whole-systems energy model for the UK. He is a Lead Author of the forthcoming 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC with a focus on industrial emissions, is chairman of the metal forming section of the International Academy of Production Engineering CIRP, and joint editor-in-chief of the Journal of Materials Processing Technology. Visit Dr. Allwood’s webpage with the University of Cambridge.