Mark OMalley

Mark O’Malley (March 8th)

Director of the Energy Institute, University College Dublin

Renewable energy integration: the good, the bad and the ugly

Talk Overview

Integration of renewable energy into energy systems is a challenge and an opportunity. The challenges are fully understood and many of the solutions for high penetrations are already deployed. However, in many regions and domains there is a lack of understanding and knowledge, which is impeding practical progress. Economic solutions for very high penetrations are still being developed by research teams and industries globally. These high-penetration solutions will require fully integrated energy systems that leverage all disciplines within the energy system including engineering, economics, policy and others.

About Mark O’Malley

Mark O’Malley is Professor of Electrical Engineering at University College Dublin (UCD), founding Director of the Electricity Research Centre and Director of the UCD Energy Institute a multidisciplinary, multi institutional, industry supported research activity. He is recognized as a world authority on energy systems integration and in particular grid integration of renewable energy. Mark has active research collaborations in Europe, the United States (US) and China, is co-founder of the International Institute for Energy Systems Integration, and coordinator of the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme in Energy Systems Integration.